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Willamette Falls Media Center is supported by cable subscribers of Damascus, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Wilsonville and the Unincorporated regions of Clackamas County. Willamette Falls Media Center is your local community media center. The facility is located in the Historic McLoughlin District of Oregon City. WFMC currently manages five local cable channels. These PEG Channels are the community’s Public, Education and Government Channels. To view these television channels you must have a cable subscription. If you do not have cable, you can view WFMC produced programs under the WFMC Presents tab. WFMC also provides programming for a sixth channel known as the Cable Access Network (CAN) Channel. This channel cablecasts out to Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas County. This channel is reserved for local producers.


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WFMC Summer Camp

Do you want your kids to take a break from watching TV and playing video games this summer? Would they like to make a movie instead? Sign them up for one of our Youth Summer camps:

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WFMC Producers have access to WFMC classes, equipment, and studio facilities.

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WFMC's Movie Magic Summer Production Camp

Do you want your kids to take a break from watching TV and playing video games this summer? Would they like to make a movie instead?

In our Movie Magic Summer camp, they will learn to:

  • Tell a story 
  • Collaborate with others  
  • Learn the basics of video production
  • Produce a movie

WFMC's Movie Magic Summer Camp is for all youth ages 9-14 and focuses on the "how did they do that" aspect of film making. Working together with the guidance of specialized instructors and media professionals, participants will develop a story idea, write a script, shoot footage, and edit their own short production. In the process, they will be introduced to the basic concepts of media literacy, innovative technology, and critical thinking.  

Camp will be held Tuesday - Thursday, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm at WFMC studios, 1101 Jackson St, Oregon City. The cost for this amazing opportunity is $295, which includes lunches each day, a camp t-shirt, and a DVD of their movie. 

For more information, or if you have a group of kids interested and need scheduling accommodation, please visit our website atwww.wfmcstudios.org or contact us at (503) 650+0275 or 

Introduction to Field Camera — Canon XF100 HD Video Camera

Introductory class to using the Canon XF100.

  • Proper Tripod set-up and use.
  • XF100 Menu set-up, CF Card Initialization, Bit Rate, Frame Rate and HD Resolution set up.
  • Automatic vs Manual controls (Focus, Iris, White Balance, Shutter)
  • Audio Primer — Mics, Audio Jacks, Setting Manual Audio Levels.

Introduction to Adobe Premiere CS editing software

Introductory class to using the RED, GREEN, or BLUE Editing Suites.

  • WFMC file management conventions, specific to each editing suite.
  • Digital Media transfer to Editing computer.
  • Premiere Project set up
  • Premiere GUI
  • Main work panels (Project, Timeline, Source & Program Monitors)
  • Video File import, Source Panel viewing and trimming
  • Timeline Tracks and Track Targeting.
  • Timeline Tools and Timeline video editing.
  • Basic Video FX and Transitions.
  • Audio Volume adjustment and Key Framing.
  • Basic Titles creation.

Introduction to Studio Production

Introductory class for a Live Studio Production Crew.

* This class is designed for groups, teams or crews.

  • Studio Workspace — Lights, Cameras, Cables, Audio Jacks, Control Room, Green Screen.
  • Studio Camera Operation — Safe Operation, Moving the Cameras, Setting Camera mount Tilt & Pan Locks. Setting Manual Focus.
  • Setting exposure on Remote CCUs.
  • Setting Camera Aspect Ratio.
  • Setting up Lav Mics and Setting Sound Levels for Mics on Studio Sound Board.
  • Live Show Recording —Teams are split out to On Camera and Off Camera sides, a brief mock Panel Show is recorded for each team.

Featured Videos

  • Introductory PSA for Willamette Falls Media Center services
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