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WFMC offers education opportunities in all facets of media production, for all skill levels from brand new users to seasoned videographers. It is essential to attend a short orientation, prior to your first class, which explains who we are and how we operate as a non-profit community service. We also give a quick rundown of our basic policies and procedures and go over any other topics important to new users. All classes must be paid for prior to the scheduled date of the class. Participants can submit payments through Paypal, which is available through the donations tab or it can be done in person at the studio. 

Orientation: Required prior to basic or advanced class registration (1-hour); No Charge

Basic Class track: Introduction to digital media

The basic classes serve as an introduction to media production and are required for community use of WFMC services. Classes are typically about 2 hours long held every Thursday from 2 - 4 pm or 4 - 6pm. Successful completion of the basic classes gives new users the ability to reserve and check-out field cameras, work on projects in WFMC editing suites, and use of WFMC's production & podcast studios. 

   Basic class fee (ala cart):                               Full Basic Class Track:

 *In-Service Area         $10.00                                  *In-Service Area         $50.00
  Out-of-Area              $15.00                                    Out-of-Area              $75.00
**Students                 No Charge                             **Students                No Charge

For more information about a basic class, click on a link below:

Introduction to Studio Production 1 & 2 

Introduction to Adobe Premiere CS Editing Software 1 & 2

 Introduction to Field Camera 1 & 2-- Canon FX100 HD Video Camera

Advanced Class track: Beyond the basics

Advanced classes build on the core skills introduced in the basic classes. Advanced classes are typically 2 hours long and held every Friday from 2 – 4 pm or 4 – 6 pm. These high-level courses provide participants with the tools that will enhance their projects by giving them a more finished, professional look and feel. 

advanced class fee (ala cart)                    full advanced class track

 *In-Service Area         $15.00                                  *In-Service Area         $75.00
  Out-of-Area              $20.00                                    Out-of-Area             $100.00
**Students                 No Charge                             **Students                  No Charge


*In-Service area: Incorporated Cities of Milwaukie, Oregon City, Milwaukie, and Unincorporated areas of Clackamas County
**Students are defined as a youth currently enrolled in a K-12 school within Clackamas County or a registered student at Clackamas Community College.

For more information about an advanced class, click on the link below:

Advanced Field Camera 1 & 2-- Canon FX100 HD Video Camera

Advanced Podcast Production 1 & 2

 Advanced Adobe Premiere CS Editing Software 1 & 2

 Advanced Studio Production 1 & 2

*To view upcoming events, class, & workshop dates & times, please visit the Calendar